Make your designs a reality - Create your own custom store

Make your designs a reality - Create your own custom store

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Fulfillment by Torius

Our program offers storage and fulfilment of any products printed by us, allowing you to have a hassle and stress free business/ store front - never handle stock, storage and shipping again. The result of using the FBT program will allow you to print in bulk, lowering the print cost and giving you the ability to still offer a dropshipping service.

Fulfilment Fees

Per Unit

The fulfilment fee is a flat fee that you pay per unit. It includes picking and packing your orders, shipping and handling, customer service, and product returns.

Standard Size (per item)



Monthly Inventory Storage Fees

Per cubic metre

Only pay  for the space you use to store your items in our Fulfilment Centre. Storage fees are based on the daily average volume in cubic meter per month.

January to September

$13.44/ per cubic metre*

October to December

$17.25/ per cubic meter*

Shipping Stock or Unsold items to you. 

Postage fee for items are based on size, weight ,delivery and location